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Ascensión Granger Amador


+34 652 88 00 17

Ricardo González Granger


+34 652 89 46 00

Ricardo González López


+34 652 89 45 98


The studio was founded in 1988 by Ascensión Granger Amador and Ricardo González López and in 2017 it was reinforced with the incorporation of Ricardo González Granger.

From the beginning, we have carried out architectural projects as well as planning and development projects. Within the section of architectural projects, we have developed both New Construction Projects and Building Refurbishment Projects.


During these 30 years of professional practice, a considerable number of projects with very different profiles and a wide variety of conditions have been effectively resolved.

With reference to urban planning, we have developed Normas Subsidiarias de Planeamiento (NNSS). Planes Especiales de Reforma Interior (PERI), Detailed Studies - Estudios de Detalle (ED), and Reparcelling with infrastructure provision.


Marcos Díaz-Guerra Chacón
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Ascensión González Granger
Paulina Lisevičiūtė

Architect, expert of Trimble SketchUp, architectural photographer

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